Breakfast :
In low season, breakfast is served in the dining room or in the heated winter garden. Its large bay windows allow you to admire the outside and the noria of birds that know how to find in their cabin, something to eat. If their seeds have not been deposited, the chickadees come to claim them.

In summer, your breakfast is served to you in peace, on the terrace, by the swimming pool or under the trees, by small tables separated head-to-head, from 9h00 to 11h00 (or later if you want a sleep in).

Dinner :
At this time, we do not know if restaurants will be allowed to receive you. We therefore organize ourselves to offer you evening meals. If there are many of us, we will cook outdoors, in a good mood, but respecting the recommended distances. The barbecue will be a big help, too.
Whenever possible, the products will be local or at least regional.
As for breakfasts, each family will have their table

You can also use the local drives to collect pizzas, Chinese food prepared meals. Telephone references for telephone orders will be available.

Everything will be done to make your stay as a  good souvenir.