Private car tours:

We have experienced 7 circuits “discovery of the Tarn” and a circuit “vintage”

Ambialet -Alban. Ambialet which has the distinction of being built on the most pronounced isthmus of Europe with its Romanesque priory of the eleventh century, the ruins of the ancient castle “le Castella”, the chapel, Celtic origin. Return by Alban with visit of the church entirely painted by Greschny.

In the plain: Albi, Marssac, Gaillac, Lisle sur Tarn and Rabastens.

The Albigeois Bastides: Castelnau de Montmiral, Puycelsi, Bruniquel, Penne, Gorges de l’Aveyron,

“On the way to St Jacques”: from Cordes sur Ciel superb bastide impregnable to Monestié with the Chapel St Jacques, its statuary and its entombment

Lautrec-Garden of the Martels: Lautrec one of the “most beautiful villages of France” presents “the windmill still functioning,” houses half-timbered and corbelled, the central square and Halles of the fifteenth century The Salette. Then Jardin des Martels: Floral garden of 3.5ha.

Burlats: in the footsteps of refugee monks from Lautrec to Burlats, and Adelaide, a princess in the eyes of violets, daughter of Raymond V Count of Toulouse, who would have held a court of love of which Burlats retains a superb pavilion.

Montredon-Labessonnié, its planetarium, Notre Dame de Ruffis, its octagonal tower, and the Sidobre with its Granite Chao.

In 2 CVs in the vines: 1 day “vintage”. You pass in the vineyard of Gaillac, passengers of a 2CV with driver to discover the “Tuscany Tarnaise”, its landscapes, its vineyard, its cellars, its wines and its soul. (2 or 3 people).