* To avoid paying commissions to advertising portals, and benefit from the lowest rates, choose your room on this site and book on the home page. The reservation is immediate.
Off season: quick, professional or personal visit: you book one night. Check availability at the bottom of each room page and book now. A confirmation email will be immediate.
For a professional reservation made before noon, except the WE, you can order a meal tray (25 €)
* you have chosen your vacation in advance and / or you will stay 3 nights or more
* remember to take advantage of the rates offered, often more advantageous than booking some time before your arrival
* and benefit from possible reductions depending on the length of your stay.
2 reduction possibilities
– for reservation “in advance”
– for stays of 3 nights.
The 2 can be combined

* Checks and gifts: (tel 06 08 74 23 97 or 05 63 54 62 71)
Offer a stay of one or more nights.
Offer a gift voucher with a planned value, to be used in the following year